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                中文版Chinese英文版EnglishWelcome to Shenzhen Longxc Power Supply Co., Ltd!



                Shenzhen Longxc Power Supply Co.,Ltd


                Tel:+86 0755-2778 4192

                Fax:+86 0755-2999 1201




                Address:B Building, Yingrenshi Community, ?Wentao Science Park, Shiyan Town, Bao'an, Shenzhen,China

                Address:building,Wentao Industrial Park,Yingrenshi new Street, Shiyan street, Bao'an, Shenzhen,China


                Shenzhen Longxc Power Supply Co., Ltd is a switching power supply in research and development, production, sales and provide high-reliability power solutions for professional high-tech enterprises, but also the largest domestic and R & D strength of medical equipment for high-frequency switching power supply manufacturers.Founded in 2009, adhere to the high quality products, perfect service, pragmatic price to meet customer needs.

                High-quality products from advanced and reliable design, high standards of components and stringent requirements of the production process management. The company's R & D team has more than 10 years of switching power supply design experience, to keep......[details]


                System of the company advantages

                • Independent research and innovation, and maintain industry-leading level
                • With more than 10 years experience in operating products
                • Committed to providing customers around the world with stable quality and reasonable price of quality products

                Product applications and advantages

                • Variety complete, selectivity strong, high-quality product quality
                • Harsh factory testing to ensure product quality
                • Improve the automated production facilities, a large high-quality production team
                • R & D team experienced, independent research and development and design
                • Product sales network throughout the world

                Improve the service system

                • Perfect and scientific quality management service system
                • Production, packaging, logistics, one-stop after-sales service
                • According to customer requirements, with the development
                • Welcome to inquire, hotline:0755-2778 4192

                Professional solutions

                • In accordance with customer requirements, with the development
                • According to market demand, the source launched self-innovation products
                • We are more professional, so you more peace of mind
                • The power of R & D to design research and development as the guide
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